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Thinking about “What should I do now” is A first step of starting of your journey towards your Real Goal .

First of all set a goal for yourself because without goal life and time is meaning less. If you are planning to be best in any job or business and you are fresher, you should always start from Zero yes ! you heard right , from Zero. Look no matter what you have done before and what you were capable of , the fresh start don’t care of it because if you were capable of anything then you may have not changed your mind or you may not made your mind to switch it for other opportunity. No one is looser no one is bounded with limited opportunity. What makes you down, is that money? Is that lack of resources ? is that family problem ? is that you have limited time ? or is that your mind which has cuffed you with these feelings which is making you low. Feel the difference by reading this post which may help you. 

Practically there are 5 types of business so far ,please copy that they are :

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Corporation
  • S corporation &
  • Limited liability company or LLC.

But our today’s topic is “What small business we can do with less investment in Nepal”
Well here in Nepal the real population is very less , so the business which you plan should be at your own risk. Many get influence with the successful business but we have to plan earlier like market study and resources analysis to get better result. We should not open same momo shop if one’s is running better , next to him. Learn the logic and technique before you dare that . so we have bought some better business ideas for entrepreneurs with low cost and better result :

Job Consultant :

As I know job consultant business is one of the easy and solo Proprietorship business. Here two things should be focused 1st is make a strong and reliable contract copy so the company and the customers both should be comfortable with . 2nd is get a strong communication between companies for better growth of your consultant.

Opening a Flower Shop 

Well it looks easy but you have to focus on few things of it like
Working with Vendors:
Share information – don’t be afraid to ask other florists that from where they get their supplies.
Check invoices : to be sure you are paying a reasonable price for your supplies and check each delivery to be sure you have received everything you paid for. Mistakes happen!
Staff: Get a Female staff with uniform of florist and have ability to explain all the flowers kept in shop with their specialities.
Environment : Choose Temple place as these days we see it is not less then the dating spot of teenagers. You can also sell flowers for temple visitors and as well the couples who meet there on the name of worship. Choose area near gift centres, you can also choose area near party palace but the party palace area should also be crowded with other business stuffs so your business can attract peoples. Makes pages on facebook too for its publicity or any social media.


Gym you can choose for small business you need a big hall with 2 more rooms as a changing room and of course toilet/ bathroom. Well the most important part of gym business is you have to hire a professional instructor because everyone who comes in gym they may come for different different workout and not everyone are healthy they need instructor so this is important . select your area near Student hub like colleges or hostel type.

Massage Therapist

Just because you don’t have the hustle and bustle of the big city breathing down your neck, doesn’t mean small town residents don’t have aches and pains and plenty of stress. If you’re a person that likes working with their hands and meeting new people, this could be a great career and business idea for a small town. Massage therapy does, however, require a significant amount of training, so it’s not a business you’re going to be able to open in the next few weeks unless you are already a licensed massage therapist. There are, however, a variety of schools and programs you can enroll in to become licensed. Once your training is complete, being a massage therapist allows you to set your own hours, work when and where you like, and develop a strong repeat customer base.

Private Tuition

It is one of the growing business these days in Nepal . every 3rd person in group is a teacher but here I got some point for you we have very rare good teacher in market . and if you are one of the finest teacher in your area , students are all yours for publicity you can get by teaching in any school as part time teacher.

Can i say something about jobs ?

I have Very few words to say about Job holders too who are not happy with their jobs !!!

Are you tired of previous job and looking to change your job ? i want to tell you do it now before it makes your life hell. But at a same time have a backup plan of it before changing it.
Well in private sector we should always do job which could career oriented . basically these days youth are doing jobs for money and after few months they quit the job and start searching next. Say no to any job in which you don’t find your career growth. Don’t work for money work for your goal which you make for your life. These days marketing jobs are booming rapidly. Even IT jobs are also bringing a lot of opportunities around you . In IT you can go for :
1) Website Designing
2) Digital Marketing – one of the best for 21st century
3) Accounting package
4) Advance knowledge of MS Excel , MS PowerPoint
5) Photoshop, Corel Draw – to make logo and designs
6) You can also sell your products online here

Please let us know at the comment section like how the post was for beginners and please let me know some topic on which I can write for you . share It if you loved it on the icon of Facebook and other social media .thank you for joining us.

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