Top food Items You Must Try In Nepal

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Top food Items Must Try In Nepal

Nepal is known for natural beauty, the highest peak of the world Mt. Everest & birthplace of Lord Buddha the whole world knows about it. But I have bought some more interesting topic of Nepal today and it is related to food. Today we are going to know about top food items must try in Nepal. They are mention below

  1. Gorkhali Lamb Curry
  2. Newari Thali
  3. Tongba
  4. Samya Bhaji
  5. Mo: Mo

Top food Items You Must Try In Nepal

Gorkhali lamb curry is among one of the Top 10 food Items You Must Try If You Are Going Nepal. Made my meat of Lamb which is one of the most preferred non-veg items in Nepal at some special occasions or festivals, if you go to the best restaurant and ask for it they well serve you as it is common because of its great taste. There are many ways to make it but mostly it is It is made with grilled lamb deep-fried in a chili mixture. This recipe is found at the mountain and hilly area of Nepal. This recipe’s greatness is its spicy taste.


Top food Items You Must Try In Nepal

Newari thali is originated from the Newari culture which is also one of the old cultures of Nepal. In Newari festival, they serve with more than 20 items of meat variety at a time. So For non-veg food lovers, this is also listed among top 10 food items which you must try if you are planning or going to Nepal. Newari thali is famous and you can get at any part of Nepal easily as it is very famous throughout the country. Let me share some Newari food items name here

The Newari pancake which is based cake type snack.

Hakuchoila which is made of spiced ground meat.

Swanpuka made of goat lungs filled and fried

Alu Tama which is curry made of potatoes and bamboo shoots which taste awesome and commonly eaten in Nepal.

Choila is famous for its spicy taste and common in Newari food due to its mouthwatering taste.

Poko is a dish in Nepal widely found in the hills area. It is juicy taste sweet and sour and slightly alcoholic, musky flavor.


Top food Items You Must Try In Nepal

One of the things that will fulfill your culinary journey in Nepal is Tongba. The millet-based alcoholic beverage is a traditional and indigenous drink of the Limbu people in eastern Nepal. Also known as ‘Tibetan Hot Beer’, the staple local beer is filled in cast-like vessels and is sipped through bamboo straws. The brew-it-yourself local beer can be stretched into several rounds of warm alcoholic beverage so you never run out of beer.

Tongba is demanded beverage at the mountain & hill area of Nepal. Maybe it can make your Nepal trip worth due to its millet-based alcoholic flavor. This dish is originated from the hilly reason peoples to warm up them in the cold and freezing temperature. In local language of Nepal, we say it as Tongba and some say it as “Tibetan hot bear” so if you are going to Nepal with friends I know you may love it as it which I could say it that it is listed as a commonly consumed item.


Top food Items You Must Try In Nepal

I would like to list Samya Bhaji as one of the top food items you must try in Nepal. It is a traditional dish of newar community. In Nepal, Newari is one of the famous food makers. It is also made during the big and major festival of Nepal like Dashain, Tihar, Bhai Tika and few more. Samya Bhaji is served with many items in a single plate. Items like Chhwela, fried boil egg, black soybeans, spicy potato salad, boiled beans mixed with spices, green leaves(saag). It is hygienic and tasty and taken as a meal.

  • MO: MO

Top food Items You Must Try In Nepal

If we talk about Nepali food and MO: MO is missing is not possible. Because MO: MO has a lot of varieties with the different taste like Veg MO: MO, Chicken MO: MO, Mutton MO: MO with hot chili spicy chatni and bowl of soup. Mo: mo is very much famous is Asian country and Nepali mo: mo taste special and mouth-watering during having it. Never miss mo: mo if you are planning to go Nepal for the trip.

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